Can Clean Windows Cut Your High-Rise Office Building Costs?

High-rise office buildings are the signature symbol of modern urban areas, representing the main go-to business hub, the spirit of true innovation, and bustling nightlife attractions. However, these iconic structures also come with unique challenges attached, such as higher-than-expected operating costs.

Is it possible that cleaning the windows of a high-rise office building can actually lower these operating costs? The answer is “Yes.” Clean windows can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency, maintenance, and overall sustainability of high-rise office buildings. How, you might ask? Let’s explore the logic and rationale behind it all.


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Dirty windows won’t do any favors for your company’s energy bill. In fact, they can reduce the amount of natural light entering a building to such a degree that you’ll see a marked increase in artificial energy consumption.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, dirty windows can reduce the amount of natural light by up to 40% percent, resulting in increased energy costs as buildings rely more heavily on artificial lighting and heating sources. Clean windows, on the other hand, allow much more natural light to enter the building, reducing the need for artificial lighting, and providing a boost to the interior temperature. Mother nature is there to help, so make sure to keep those windows as clean as possible.


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Clean windows can definitely reduce the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance, while dirty windows will inevitably lead to a huge buildup of dirt, grime, and mineral deposits, which can be difficult and costly to remove.

By sticking to a consistent cleaning and maintenance schedule, you can help prevent these issues before they have a chance to manifest, thereby reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements that may occur due to dirt and material buildup.


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If your high-rise office building windows are filthy, it may be contributing to poor indoor air quality. The reason is simple – when windows are dirty, they trap pollutants and allergens inside the building, leading to health concerns for visitors and staff.

Clean windows, conversely, allow for better airflow and ventilation, thereby improving indoor air quality while creating a healthier environment for the occupants within. Think of it as a natural purifying agent.


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When your windows are kept spic and span, it can have a significant impact on your building’s property value. In fact, a study by the National Association of Realtors found that clean windows can increase property value by up to 10%, which is no small thing.

How, exactly? The answer is more simple than you might think. Clean windows create a positive first impression, which makes the building more attractive to potential tenants and buyers. Just as one would tidy up a car and give it a thorough exterior wash before selling, the same principle holds true for office buildings.


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Now that you understand the cost-effectiveness associated with clean windows, are you ready to have yours cleaned from top to bottom? If so, you’ve made a good decision. While cleaning high-rise windows is impossible all by yourself, you can always hire a professional team, such as we here at Vancouver Window Cleaners, to do the job for you.

We always suggest sticking to a cleaning schedule in order to guarantee that your windows not only look their best, but are protected from damages caused by the elements, dirt and material buildup. We’ll also keep an eye out for existing damages, giving you added value in addition to sparkling clean windows.


Clean high-rise office building windows can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency, maintenance, and sustainability of high-rise office buildings. There’s no two ways about it. Always think proactively when considering this task, as the more routine it becomes, the less problems you’ll encounter down the road.

Vancouver Window Cleaners’ team is armed with the training, certifications and equipment to tackle any high-rise window cleaning job, and we do it fully insured, so you can rest easy. Give us a call, so we can come to your location, assess your building, and provide you with a quote you’re sure to love.