Choosing The Best Window Cleaning Company For Your Vancouver Business

One thing’s for certain – Vancouver certainly has a lot of commercial buildings! Inside each are businesses that are pushing for their absolute best, while making statements about their work ethic and professionalism. However, only a handful give active thought to the state of their building’s glass windows.

Yes, it’s true that dirty windows can send a negative signal to practically anyone within focus distance. Over time, windows get dirty and require cleaning in order to maintain their luster and sparkle. That requires some proactive planning to find and hire the right type of professional window cleaning company. Here’s what to look out for if you’re a business owner in the Vancouver area.


The most professional window cleaning companies established their reputation on the back of hard work, and excellent results. Therefore, it’s best to reach out to pros who have solidified their reputation for being reliable and thorough. It’s not just about the act of cleaning a glass window, either. Professional window cleaners worth their salt will know how to scale high-rise buildings and skyscrapers as easily as a short condominium or street-level storefront. 

Next up, they need to have credentials. The best professional window cleaners have the safety and equipment training necessary to do their jobs quickly and efficiently, without risking themselves or others. Training in various access methods can cut down the amount of time needed to do a job, thereby saving you money, while minimizing the amount of distractions going on during the work period. Vancouver Window Cleaners is proud to employ only the very best professionals, complete with licensing and credentials that make them more than qualified to tackle any job.


Is the process of cleaning a window really so simple? Perhaps to the untrained, but the professionals go far above and beyond what most people can fathom. These window cleaners will not rest until the job is done perfectly across the work area. That’s a commitment to excellence backed up with a proactive mindset. The professionals realize that doing a great job doesn’t just mean beautiful windows; it also means proactive maintenance to ward off other problems that may arise in the future.

Vancouver Window Cleaners recognizes the need to not only clean windows well, but to inspect each one for signs of wear, or other issues like broken seals. Once we spot these issues, we’ll try to correct them, or inform you so that you can make a decision regarding how to proceed. A good professional window cleaning company is not concerned with the state of windows in the moment, but for the next year or more.


In order to clean the windows of an office building correctly, the right tools and equipment are required. Vancouver Window Cleaners recognizes that not all buildings are alike, and some have areas which are harder to reach. When these scenarios arise, we need to quickly strategize and develop an appropriate plan to save time, and do the job in the most efficient way possible.

This attitude lies at the heart of all our services. After all, our reputation is dependent on us keeping up to date with the latest training and equipment technologies so that we can better our service on a daily basis. Having the right equipment equals better results, greater safety, and – most importantly – client satisfaction.


You may be impressed with the credentials, training and reputation of a professional window cleaning company, but what about scheduling? After all, you’re a busy entrepreneur with a business to run, and scheduling can sometimes be tricky. What if the weather doesn’t cooperate, and you’re forced to hold off on having your windows cleaned?

The right window cleaning company will navigate your busy schedule, while planning for other unforeseen hiccups. Flexibility allows us to plan our monthly schedule accordingly so that we can serve multiple clients simultaneously, all without sacrificing our quality and speed. We’ll work with you to figure out the best time to show up and complete a job, or reschedule if the weather goes sour. It’s all about working together to devise a cleaning schedule that works for both.

The same goes for pricing. Vancouver Window Cleaners prides itself on having some of the most competitive pricing in the business, but we are always willing to work with our clients to figure out the best path moving forward. We take the client relations side of the business very seriously, just as any proper window cleaning company should do.


As you can see, it’s not just about the window cleaning itself, but everything associated with it. Professional window cleaners need to stay on top of several different things at once in order to make clients happy, but that’s one of the things we here at Vancouver Window Cleaners enjoy.

Are you a business owner in the Vancouver area in need of commercial window cleaning services? We’re ready when you are, so give us a call, and have us come down and take a look at your building, then draft you up a schedule and price you’re sure to love!