Five Of The Best Reasons To Hire A Professional Window Cleaner

Professional window cleaners know how best to take care of a building’s many windows, and that’s good news for companies who want to project the best image. After all, not everyone has the tools, training or experience necessary to scale a high-rise building and keep those panes of glass looking sharp and spotless. Leaving windows to accumulate dirt and debris is simply unacceptable for many reasons, which is why it’s best to let the pros handle the job.

However, professional window cleaning goes far beyond simply a pristine shine. There are many other reasons why it’s good to hire an experienced team that can tackle the job. Sometimes, even the most straightforward job comes with hidden benefits invisible to the rest of us. Here’s five of the best reasons to hire a professional window cleaning team for your commercial building.


The state of your office building speaks volumes about you as a company, and dirty windows are a definite no-no. Over time, dirt, debris and other materials can build up and leave an unsightly mess that can be seen both from the outside, and from within. When that happens, everyone suffers. The building becomes an eyesore, and employees feel negative whenever they gaze out of their window. 

A window’s state of cleanliness is a huge indicator about how a person manages their property. At home, we wash our windows and glass doors all the time, so that we can enjoy looking outside. We view it as a sign of neatness and order, and it’s no different at the office. Companies hire professional cleaners to take care of the interior of an office space, so why not the outside facade as well?


It’s doubtful that anyone would be foolish enough to try and scale their office building to clean their windows, but that leaves the obvious question – who is willing to do it? The answer, of course, is a team of window cleaning professionals who are safety-certified, with the right training and tools necessary to complete the job.

These individuals have gone through rigorous instruction to learn how to tackle any job with safety in mind. They utilize tried and tested methods such as the rope harness to quickly and safely scale a building, and reach every single window. This not only allows them to do a top-notch job, but it also cuts down on the required amount of time, making for a more cost-effective process. 


While it’s easy to think that window cleaners simply spray, wipe and buff each pane of glass to a sparkling sheen, there’s more going on than meets the eye. Window cleaning pros are in a prime position to spot other problems that you probably hadn’t thought of, but could cost a significant amount of money to fix.

These include damaged trim, broken seals, or damaged windows that can create more problems down the road. Faulty window seals, for instance, can lead to higher heating bills in the winter months if cold air is allowed to rush in. A window cleaning team can alert you to issues before they become major headaches, which is like having two services for the price of one.


The more regular your window cleanings are, the longer they will last, and that’s a fact. Your office building might stand the test of time, but your windows may require premature replacement long before their time. Professional window cleaners will eliminate corrosive substances and harmful deposits that can cause cracks and other issues from arising.

For that reason, it’s good practice to stick to a window cleaning schedule that will keep your windows not only looking their best, but operating at peak efficiency. This goes double if your company building is located in an area with extreme weather patterns or fluctuating seasons – particularly wintertime.


Many people think that pests take up shelter in residential homes, but they’re just as comfortable in a sprawling office building. Plus, they’re harder to root out once they get inside. A professional window cleaning crew can examine your windows and make sure there are no breaches that could allow vermin or insects to get in. That means no unpleasant infestations requiring a grueling extermination or fumigation process.

Remember the health-related risks of such a scenario, as well. Parasites and diseases are spread by pests quite easily, and they don’t belong anywhere near your staff. Take their well-being (as well as your own) into account, and make sure a professional window cleaning team has gone over all your windows, to make sure everything’s in the green.


Understanding the benefits of a professional window cleaning job is the first step towards being proactive. This will extend the life of your windows by a significant margin, while warding off unnecessary and costly issues that could pop up later. It’s a win/win for everyone involved, and it sends the right message about your company philosophy.

Your business can benefit from a professional window cleaning service, and we invite you to contact us at Vancouver Window Cleaners today. We’ll come to your location and walk you through every step of the quotation process, so you can understand the benefits. After that, simply leave the job to us, and we’ll make you proud.