High-rise window cleaning certainly requires a lot of courage, not to mention the ability to shrug off a fear of heights. Skyscrapers and tall buildings are staples of major cities around the globe, and that means professional window cleaners are constantly called upon to maintain their sparkle and shine. The alternative is a dystopia of dirt, bird droppings and filth that could easily tarnish the skyline.

We’ve all seen professional window cleaners defying gravity to clean these buildings thoroughly, but few of us actually know what goes into the entire process. High-rise window cleaning is both simple and straightforward, and complex at the same time. Here’s some things you probably didn’t know about these brave professionals, and what they have to go through to do their jobs well.


The techniques and tools used to scale a high-rise building are tried and tested…and then some! Professional window cleaners are highly trained, and feel totally confident in the techniques used to do the job. In fact, safety regulations for professional high-rise window cleaning are exceedingly high, which is understandable.

These individuals know what they’re doing, and they take precautions and steps on every job site to make sure that their lives, and the lives of their co-workers, are always a number one concern. With safety such an ingrained part of their training, these professionals can turn their attention to making every single window spotless and shimmering. 


At first glance, the hardware used to clean high-rise windows is pretty recognizable. Buckets, scrapers, sponges and squeegees are considered tools of the trade, but the actual mechanisms that allow them to scale the building are another matter. For this, workers rely on several different methods in order to reach glass windows, and accomplish their mission.

Depending on the job and building type, window cleaners will use moveable scaffold-style platforms, or other tools like the Bosun’s chair, a harness allowing vertical movement via a rope and pulley system. These techniques are designed to be used in different scenarios, but the goal is always the same – to reach every inch of glass, buff it to a sheen, and leave the job site having exceeded all standards of quality. 


You would be forgiven for thinking that most skyscrapers and high-rise buildings are essentially the same, but that’s not actually true. In fact, many buildings differ from one another in terms of design, layout and shape, necessitating the right tools to do the job properly. 

It doesn’t just stop at the building level, either. Weather patterns and seasons all have an impact on how often these types of buildings need their windows cleaned. Areas with high rainfall, snowy winters or high levels of smog will need to be cleaned more regularly in order to maintain their luster and allure. Similarly, local construction projects, including the building of new skyscrapers and buildings, can toss dirt and debris into the air, which will inevitably sully nearby windows. 

Professional window cleaning companies take all of these things into account to create an accurate and predictable cleaning schedule. It’s a proactive approach that guarantees results, no matter how out of control the environmental factors get. 


As you can imagine, cleaning windows on a high-rise building is not a quick job. However, the professionals have enough experience to optimize their cleaning schedules to cut down on wasted time and distractions, without sacrificing quality. It’s an amazing testament to their skill, not to mention the techniques, training and tools they use on a daily basis.

Depending on the building in question, cleaning jobs can take days, weeks, or even multiple months to fully clean. Some may require several appointments to fully clean, depending on weather, the design of the building, and how accessible the windows are. Needless to say, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to timing.


Property owners with stake in high-rise buildings, skyscrapers or condos would do well to work with a professional window cleaning company in order to maximize their allure, while driving investment and revenue at the same time. A dirty building is an ugly building, and that’s a problem. Therefore, being proactive with a window cleaning schedule will speak volumes about the building, and the businesses and patrons within.

If you are the owner of such a building, we want to hear from you. Contact us for an appointment, and we’ll come out to your location to provide you with an accurate, and highly competitive quote. From there, we move onto the actual cleaning job, which you’re sure to love. 

Vancouver Window Cleaners wants to make sure your building stands apart from the rest, and compliments the surrounding scenery. You can’t manage that with dirty windows, so let our professionals work their magic so you can sit back and admire the results!

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