Every once in a while, a proposal comes along that feels so preposterous that it could not possibly be true…or can it? In the case of commercial window cleanings, can they actually help businesses turn a profit? Is it really and truly that simple? The answer is a bit complex, but the logic is foolproof. 

The simple truth is that clean commercial windows do, in fact, contribute to the success of any business, in many different ways. They can help companies profit in both direct, and indirect ways, which is why they should be prioritized. That, and it just looks better when a company’s exterior windows are bright, shiny and beautiful! Let’s dive into the real reasons why clean commercial windows are such a must.


The morale factor

Nobody likes to look at dirty windows, and when they’re a staple part of your day-to-day operations, it’s going to drive down morale. Your employees expect to walk into a clean, fresh, and invigorating work environment. Unfortunately, given the less-than-accessible nature of exterior commercial windows, they often get neglected.

Make sure you don’t fall into this trap. Hire a professional window cleaning team to come in and do the job right, so that every part of your office building looks its best. Remember also that we live in an age where natural lighting is an integral part of a company’s overall office design strategy. The dirtier the windows, the less natural light pours in, and the more repulsive the view becomes. Your staff deserves to start the day off right, every single day, with a morale boost that pays dividends for them, and for your company.


First impression

Now, onto your clients, which are the lifeblood of any company. The last thing they want to see are dirty windows, especially when they’re sizing up your competency as a business. What message do your windows send? Well, turns out, a rather large one, which is why you should prioritize commercial window cleaning, and maintain a consistent schedule. 

This is especially true for retail outlets with a lot of foot traffic. The presentation of your business needs to be top notch, with no margin for error, so make sure to keep those windows clean. That way, your customers will walk in, and out, with an excellent first impression of your company. 


Health and wellness

Can dirty windows really impact the health and well-being of your staff? Think about it – all that dirt, grime and dust can contribute to everything from allergens, to mold, which can prove detrimental. This can lead to increased sick days, exiting talent, and in some cases, liabilities that should best be avoided at all costs.

Better to err on the side of caution, and keep your windows clean and shiny at all times. This will guarantee that you aren’t on the hook when it comes to the ill health of your employees. The more they are around dirty windows, the greater the chance of issues arising.


reduced maintenance

The longer you allow dirty windows to remain dirty, the more your maintenance costs go up, and that’s a problem. Over time, physical damages can occur to the glass, seals and frames of your windows, which can lead to costly repairs that would otherwise be caught early, and dealt with.

Don’t spend more time and money on maintenance than required. The more consistent your window cleanings are, the less work it’ll take to make them look their best. Plus, it gives window cleaning crews plenty of opportunities to make sure there aren’t any costly potential damages that may arise later. It may still be considered maintenance, but preventative maintenance is always more welcome than reactionary maintenance.


put your company's name

We live in a social media age, which means there’s every opportunity for someone to snap a photo of your filthy windows and post them alongside a negative online review. Don’t allow yourself to be caught with egg on your company’s face! Rather, maintain the luster and beauty of your windows with consistent window cleanings, so you never have to live down the shame of an awkward post.

Beyond that, it’s just good practice to keep your company’s brand image and reputation in the best possible state. Clean windows are one way to make that happen, and with all the other benefits we’ve already touched on, the choice is simple. 


If you operate in the Vancouver area, and you wish to keep your commercial building looking its best, consider contacting us. Vancouver Window Cleaners has a reputation for doing the job right, each time, for a price that is both competitive and highly attractive. We’ll come to your location, assess your building, and devise a cleaning schedule that will maintain it throughout the year.

That’s one less issue for you to worry about. Plus, your workers and visitors will appreciate the extra effort you’ve taken. Don’t leave your building to sit at the mercy of the elements. Let our trained and certified staff do all the work for you, so you can enjoy the rewards.