How Clean Windows Can Maintain Your Property Value

Is it really true? Can dirty windows actually decrease the value of your property? It may seem far-fetched, but there’s more to the argument than meets the eye. You might think to yourself, “What’s the big deal? Can’t I just clean my windows as needed, even if I want to sell my property in the future?” The answer may be more elusive than you think.  

The fact is, dirty windows create risks that can otherwise be avoided by sticking to a consistent cleaning schedule. While it may seem tedious, the simple truth is that window cleaning is an expected, and necessary part of your property’s maintenance process. Skip this step, and you may run into a host of problems you didn’t expect. Here’s why it’s so important to maintain the cleanliness of your windows throughout the year.


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Dirty windows give the negative impression that your property is neglected, which can impact the first impression of potential buyers or renters. Even if you’re not thinking of these two scenarios, it’s still good practice to remain consistent when it comes to window cleaning. After all, dirty windows detract from the overall beauty of your property – unnecessarily so.

However, there are immediate reasons to maintain window cleanliness, not the least of which is glass degradation. As the year ticks on, so too will dirt, debris and other unmentionables start to pile up on windows, sills and frames. Left unchecked, it can begin eroding all three over time. Glass corrosion from dirt particles, cracked frames and compromised seals are just a few of the problems you may encounter, which can lead to costly repairs you could have otherwise avoided.


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Aside from looking fantastic, clean windows can also boost overall curb appeal, which will make it more attractive to buyers and renters, while adding to the overall beautification of your neighborhood. After all, it’s a team effort. Inside your home, the benefits are immediate, such as better air quality. The more dirt and debris buildup on your windows, the greater the chance of mold growth, which can be hazardous to human health. Clean, fresh air free from harmful particles is a key component to your family’s happiness and well-being.

Let’s not forget heating efficiency, either. When the season grows colder, your heating units will have to work overtime to keep you warm. You can help offset this by having clean windows, which allow more natural sunlight to pour through, aiding in warming your home. The result is a lower heating bill, and more money in your family’s coffers.


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Cleaning your property’s windows isn’t always a straightforward and easy task. Sometimes, it requires expertise, and a willingness to put yourself in potentially harmful situations, especially when it comes to getting on a ladder. At Vancouver Window Cleaners, we always recommend letting the pros handle it, so we can do a better job in the least amount of time, while assuming all the risks.

First, and most obvious, professional window cleaners possess the expertise and equipment to do the job right, each time, especially when it comes to hard-to-reach areas. Our team also takes all the necessary precautions to ensure the job is done right, without injury. We also know you’d prefer the job to be done quickly and efficiently, while minimizing downtime and disruption to your daily activities. Consider it done! And finally, you can be sure of unparalleled quality, thanks to our combination of eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and specialized equipment to ensure a streak-free, sparkling finish on every window.


This should help you understand the benefits of hiring a professional window cleaning team for your office needs, while giving you a glimpse into exactly what you can expect. At Vancouver Window Cleaners, we take great pride in our reputation, and that’s backed up by years of excellent service, a refusal to settle when it comes to quality work, and a dedication towards making our clients happy.

At Vancouver Window Cleaners, we believe that professional window cleaning is an essential aspect of your property’s maintenance schedule; one that can help preserve property value for years to come. Contact us today, so that we can come out to your location, assess what’s required to clean your windows, and provide you with a quote and a cleaning schedule that you’re sure to love! Afterwards, you can rest easy, with no worries.