Post-Construction Window Cleaning Tips For A Brighter Shine

Construction is a dirty business, but that’s part of the procedure. Afterwards, the cleanup can be tedious, especially with all the dirt and debris that likes to settle on the surrounding area. Windows are no exception, and they can attract dirt like a magnet, leading to an unsightly mess. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to clean windows, provided you adhere to a few basic tips.

Failure to abide by these tips may lead to complications and/or damages, so be sure to read carefully, and arm yourself with the correct knowledge. It won’t be long before your windows are spic and span once more, giving your property a bright and lustrous finish, just like it was before construction began.


Dirty windows are one thing, but they’re hardly the only part you should be looking out for. There are multiple parts that make up a window, including sliding tracks, hinges and sills, all of which are vulnerable to dirt and debris buildup. When cleaning windows, don’t just focus on the glass, but the entire module. 

Be careful when unseating dirt from things like tracks and seals, as it can be further compounded with too much force. Rather, try to lift the dust up with a brush or tool, then wipe it away. A water hose is also an option, but beware – they can damage, or possibly shatter the glass altogether if the pressure is too high. Avoid the use of power washers altogether.


Depending on the technique you’re using to clean your windows, you’ll want to be methodical about it. Rushing the job will lead to half-finished results, while raising the risk of window damage altogether. Remember that windows are composed of multiple parts besides the glass.

Always keep in mind that dirt has the potential to scratch windows, so take care not to rub it into the glass. Rather, try to separate the dirt away from the glass as much as possible, while gently rinsing off the rest. Similarly, when using a razor blade for certain purposes (which we will touch on later), slow and steady is the key. Don’t rush it, or you may end up gouging the window, which will lead to a costly repair.


Construction jobs are a tricky affair, and cleanups involve more than just mopping up. For instance, workers may leave stickers on window panels, or other compounds like plaster or caulking, which can be unsightly. A simple wash won’t get rid of all of these problems, so it’s best to know what you’re getting into before you move onto the detailing phase.

As mentioned above, you can use razor blades to remove things like stickers from windows, provided you hold them at the correct angle and move slowly. You may also use steel wool to get rid of certain leftover residue, provided you opt for a very fine grade. Otherwise, you may frost your windows unintendedly. 


Cleaning windows in a post-construction phase requires the right tools for the job. We’ve already mentioned a few, but don’t forget the basics, like squeegees, which are a window cleaner’s first and best friend. These items help prevent unintended scratching of the glass, or other damages that might occur with alternative options.

Second, make sure to use the right cleaning solution. Nothing fancy is required – just some good old fashioned dishwashing detergent mixed with water for a soapy solution. You should always be mindful of achieving the best results using the most straightforward tools available to you. No need to get fancy…or pricey!


Post-construction window cleanups can be difficult, depending on the nature of the project, so if you’re in doubt about whether you can handle the job, it’s best to give the pros a call. Vancouver Window Cleaners has a lot of experience with these types of jobs, and some of them require more finesse and care than the average cleaning job.

Therefore, don’t go it alone, or you may inadvertently damage your windows as a result. Instead, give us a call, and we’ll come out to the site of your post-construction build, analyze the situation, and give you a competitive and fair quote that you’re sure to love. After that, simply sit back and watch us work our magic. You’ll be glad you did!

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