The large majority of window cleaning professionals rely on the Rope Access method to quickly and efficiently complete each window cleaning job. It’s the method people typically think of when picturing window cleaners scaling high rise buildings. 

What goes into the Rope Access method, though? While it looks simple and straightforward enough, there are a number of things most people simply aren’t aware of. It’s a lot more advanced than you think, and that’s why it’s such a reliable and tested formula for window cleaners all over the world.


Sure, the rope access method is used primarily to clean windows, but that’s just part of the equation. They can also be used during building inspections to check for damage on a window, as well as exterior wall condition, both of which might factor into insurance and repair estimates.

Advertising and marketing is another field where the rope access method can help out. It’s impossible to put large billboards and signs on buildings without it. Even things like caulking and leak repair, and ventilation maintenance require the rope access method. Without it, buildings would quickly fall into disarray.


Rope access is a combination of complex mechanics, and a simplistic approach. This makes it versatile for so many different kinds of jobs, whether it’s a high-rise skyscraper, a shopping mall, a condo, or even a church tower. The underlying properties of the rope access method means it’s easy to set up, allowing professional window cleaners to do the job quickly, safely, and with the utmost precision.


One of the reasons the rope access method works so well is because it’s also one of the safest in the business. All personnel are highly trained by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), which imposes strict standards on all of its students. The training IRATA gives is done in three separate stages, as follows:

– Level On represents trainee status where students engage in tasks along with a Level Three-qualified supervisor.

– Level Two introduces students to advanced performance and safety techniques.

– Level Three represents enough experience for the worker to oversee an entire window cleaning operation.


The rope access method works well, because it focuses on the most important aspect – image. By keeping buildings and their windows in tip-top shape, the overall facade is much more pleasant, which not only brightens up the surrounding area, but speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to quality. 


Window cleaning is a distraction, but that’s unavoidable. The question is whether certain methods are less distracting than others, and the rope access method is definitely a winner in that category. Companies choose the rope access method because it simply works, and not just in terms of cleaning quality. 

There’s also speed and efficiency to consider. The rope access method is one of the best when it comes to minimizing distractions on the job site, and every second counts. Their job is to hook up rope access gear, get to work, and finish in the fastest time possible, without sacrificing quality. Since rope access allows window cleaning professionals to target every single window (even the ones hardest to each), this is typically never an issue. 


The rope access method just works, which says a lot about its use throughout window cleaning history. Unless technology evolves to the point where window cleaners will strap on anti-gravity jet packs to soar around buildings, the rope access method remains the ultimate go-to solution. 

If you need window cleaning done right for your property, Vancouver Window Cleaners is here to help. And yes, our expert pros definitely use the rope access method to do a stellar job, each and every time. The best part? They’re not afraid of heights! Contact us today so we can come to your location and give you a free estimate.