The Benefits Of A Post-Construction Window Cleaning, And Why You Shouldn't Ignore it

Congratulations! Your construction crew has just completed a brand new project, whether it’s a plaza, condominium, or high rise office building. You’re no doubt excited to show it off, and become part of the real estate ecosystem, but that won’t be possible until you’ve dealt with the aftermath of the construction process.  

For that, you’ll need a post-construction cleaning job, particularly when it comes to your windows!

As a property owner, you’ve already invested a huge amount of time, money, and effort to cut ground, watch the building go up, and keep an eye on a thousand different things all at once. Now, it’s essential to make sure that the construction area, and the property itself, are given the professional TLC they require to look their best. Windows play a critical role in the shimmer and aesthetic beauty of a freshly constructed property, and we’re going to explain the benefits of keeping them clean, long after the dust has (literally) settled.


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While you might be tempted to think that post-construction windows suffer little more than a layer or two of dust, the truth is much more complex. These windows have gone through the wringer, proverbially speaking, which means they’re going to look the worst they ever have, and then some. This, however, is normal, and unavoidable. Here are the main benefits of giving them a thorough and professional cleaning, right after construction has ceased.


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During the rather chaotic construction process, windows are routinely and constantly bombarded with huge amounts of dust, dirt, and debris from all manner of sources. A post-construction window cleaning is necessary to make it look like the construction crew were never there in the first place, leaving the property’s windows sparkling clean. Also, there’s more than just dirt to consider, including paint splatters, leftover construction tape, and other undesirables.


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Construction sites are messy by definition, and windows are often exposed to harsh chemicals, particles emitted by heavy machinery, and a host of other hazards just waiting to tarnish and damage that sensitive glass. A post-construction window cleaning helps prevent damage to your windows and frames, so they don’t have a chance to cause premature problems down the road.


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When a new property has been completed, it’s frequently the talk of the neighborhood. Dirty windows will spoil all that enthusiasm, however, which means maintaining a clean exterior is a must. Curb appeal is a real thing, adding to the attraction, particularly for tenants and corporate real estate investors with money to spend. Plus, if you decide to sell your finished property in the future, you won’t want to take a hit on the asking price because of window damage.


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A post-construction window cleaning takes care of the worst buildup of dirt and debris that your windows will ever see, and helps prevent it from compounding over a short space of time. By keeping your windows clean after construction has finished, you’ll reduce the need for costly maintenance and repairs that may pop up down the road. Remember that even after the cleaning has been completed, you’ll want to maintain a consistent window cleaning schedule throughout the year, so the building always looks its best.


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Can you tackle the job of a post-construction cleanup yourself? Unless you’re well-trained in the fine arts of professional window cleaning, we’d advise against it. Not only is a post-construction site a very messy place, but it’s also wrought with hazards that would otherwise be handled by a certified crew, such as our team at Vancouver Window Cleaners.

The pros know how to tackle this kind of window cleaning, which is far more complex than you might think. One wrong move can cause your windows to be damaged by dirt or other particles, or by human error. Only a fully trained and properly equipped window cleaning team knows how to handle every single window with precision and care. Anything less simply won’t do. This goes double if your newly-constructed building is a high-rise condominium or office building, which will necessitate bringing in a team with the right equipment to do the job safely, while still reaching every single exterior window.


To summarize, a post-construction window cleaning job is absolutely necessary to ensure that the finished property looks its best, and is free of aesthetic and functional damage. A lot goes into the process itself, which is why we always advise that you hire a professional team as soon as construction has been completed.

Vancouver Window Cleaners is trained, equipped, and insured to work safely and efficiently on any post-construction site, and we’re ready to take on any job. If your property is nearing completion, or is already finished, we’d like to hear from you, so we can provide you with a competitive quote, and a level of service that you’re sure to love.