The Professional’s Guide To Maintaining Your Office Building Windows

Your office building is an important part of your company, and it should always look its best on the outside, as well as the inside. In fact, the exterior of your office building is the first thing clients and new talent see when they visit, and it can have a marked effect on their initial first impressions. 

As time goes by, your office building will accumulate a buildup of dirt, grime, and other debris that can affect the exterior, which only adds to the problem. Therefore, it’s good practice to make exterior cleaning a must, so that your building always looks its best. After all, your office building is your headquarters, and you should take pride in its appearance. All it takes is a few handy tips to get started.


Windows sure do look pretty, but only when they’re clean. The rest of the time, they’re busy attracting dirt, dust and other materials carried by animals, pollution and seasonal weather. Eventually, you’re going to have to have them cleaned in order to maintain your office building’s beautiful outer facade. 

Never attempt this on your own, even if you think you’re capable. Even short office buildings require technical expertise and training in order to do the job safely. Failure to hire professionals can mean a nasty accident, or worse. Instead, let the pros handle it. They know how to scale office buildings of every height, to get at those hard-to-reach windows for a full cleaning job. The end results will be beautiful, and you won’t have to worry about explaining yourself to the insurance company, or worse – local law enforcement!


Washing windows is one thing, but the integrity of seals and caulking is another. You may notice problems from the inside, but what about the exterior? Hiring a professional window cleaning crew will give you the opportunity to nip potential caulking issues in the bud before they become worse. A professional team will examine every single window to see if the seals and caulking are tight, or require replacement.

Failure to fix these issues can lead to higher energy and HVAC costs, weather damage, plus the eventual replacement of the entire window module. It’s far better to have the caulking reapplied by a professional, which costs a fraction of the price. Scheduling a window cleaning for your office building once or twice a year will allow the team to keep constant tabs on seals and caulking, for your benefit.


Windows aren’t the only things to get dirty when it comes to your office building. The actual exterior facade itself is susceptible to the same types of dirt and materials buildup, right down to your garage. To keep things looking their best, you may clean your facade and garage, or hire a professional team to do it for you. 

Bear in mind that these areas tend to attract a lot of eyeballs and foot traffic, which means you’ll want to make sure they’re in a presentable state. Nothing sends a negative message quite like a dirty facade or garage, especially when clients and VIPs are scheduled to pay a visit. Taking pride in the state of your office building means giving the entire facade a cleaning, as opposed to just your windows.


Always remain proactive when it comes to maintaining the exterior of your building. Failure to do so can incur costly repairs and negative impressions, not to mention less-than-favorable resale value. If you rent out your office buildings to individual companies, always bear in mind the need to attract new tenants, should your current ones outgrow their space or move to another part of the city. 

Whether you own or rent your office space, it’s important to view your building as an investment. By entrusting the task of window cleaning to a team of professionals, you can eliminate the stress of scheduling regular maintenance and ensure that your building always looks its best. Let us work our magic while you focus on the important business matters. Contact us today and discover the convenience and peace of mind that comes with relying on our expert services.


At Vancouver Window Cleaners, we understand that the appearance of your office building is crucial to leaving a lasting impression on clients and visitors. That’s why we recommend calling on the expertise of our team when in doubt. We offer a comprehensive range of services to combat any window cleaning issues your building may have.

Our professional team will conduct a thorough assessment of your office building before devising a customized schedule at a competitive rate. With our expertise, you can be sure that your building will always look its best. So why leave things to chance when you can trust the professionals at Vancouver Window Cleaners to get the job done right? Contact us today to experience the difference that our exceptional service can make for your business

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