Three Services That Can Keep Your Commercial Office Building Clean


When it comes to high-rise commercial windows, it’s always vital to leave the job in the hands of professionals. Accessing the exterior windows of any commercial building is difficult, and dangerous without proper training and equipment. Hiring a professional window cleaning company to complete the job means peace of mind, and convenience all rolled into one.

At Vancouver Window Cleaners, we understand the importance of letting the pros handle this job. Our team has been fully trained and certified on all the best access methods, which means we can tackle any job, regardless of the building’s size, shape or window type. Plus, we’ll do it in a discreet manner that doesn’t distract your employees and visitors. 

With so many windows in so many hard-to-reach places, the chances of dirt and other material buildup on windows is practically unavoidable. Other factors will compound the issue as well, such as the amount of local pollution, the weather, and proximity to nature. Scheduling a high-rise window cleaning at least twice a year is a great way to ward off this issue, while keeping your building looking its best at all times. Plus, it can prevent other problems, such as damage to the glass, or the seals, which can trigger costly repairs. 


There’s one inescapable fact about any construction site – it’s messy beyond comprehension! After the completion of any job, there’s bound to be a huge amount of debris floating around that will blanket the entire site. Before opening it up to the public, it’s a good idea to do some post-construction window cleaning so that the finished building looks its best.

This job is suitable for all types of construction projects, from condo highrises and apartment complexes, to office and institutional buildings, factories, and warehouses. By hiring the professionals to come out and clean the windows of a newly-built property, you’re starting off on the right foot when it comes to your staff and visitors. 

Another factor to consider is the accumulation of dirt and debris over time. Failure to clean the windows of a newly constructed building means that more dirt will build up over time. The elements, nearby pollution and other factors all play a role in dirtying the windows of a building, so it’s best to start fresh with a polished building, while sticking to a cleaning schedule of at least twice a year. This will guarantee that the building and its windows look their best.


Cleaning your building’s exterior is another way to keep it looking its best, as well. The outer facade and garage area of your building tends to be a high traffic area, which means a lot of eyes are judging the quality of its appearance. Failure to maintain this area can send the wrong message, not to mention leave the door wide open for dirt buildup that could lead to other problems along the way.

By keeping your building’s outer facade and garage area clean, you’re telling both staff and clients that you have a proactive mindset, and you want to make sure their visits are pleasant. Plus, it signals that you take pride in your building, and by extension, the work that you do. The effects may be subconscious, but they will have a marked effect on how people perceive your company.


If you operate in the Vancouver area, and you wish to keep your commercial building looking its best, consider contacting us. Vancouver Window Cleaners has a reputation for doing the job right, each time, for a price that is both competitive and highly attractive. We’ll come to your location, assess your building, and devise a cleaning schedule that will maintain it throughout the year.

That’s one less issue for you to worry about. Plus, your workers and visitors will appreciate the extra effort you’ve taken. Don’t leave your building to sit at the mercy of the elements. Let our trained and certified staff do all the work for you, so you can enjoy the rewards.